KSA: 7 miyembro ng pamilya at ang kanilang kasambahay na Pinay, patay sa aksidente

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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun!

Nakakalungkot na balita.

Patay ang 7 miyembro ng pamilya at ang kanilang kasambahay na Pinay, sa isang road traffic accident na nangyari noong Biyernes sa Al Rayn, Wadi Al Dawasir, Saudi Arabia.

Nasa baba ang Google translation sa balita mula sa Al Arabiya (KSA) at Al Khaleej (UAE) Arabic news websites.

The death of 7 from one family and a Filipino…a terrible accident that saddens the Saudis

Translated from Arabic News https://www.alarabiya.net
November 27, 2022

The vehicle that was charred in the accident was carrying a family of 8, and a Filipino domestic worker

On Friday, the death of 7 people from one family and a Filipina worker raised feelings of sadness among the Saudis, and two others were injured in the horrific traffic accident that occurred between two vehicles on the “Al-Rayn – Wadi Al-Dawasir” road.

The tragedy that Rijal Almaa woke up to resulted in the death of 8 people and the burning and charring of one of the two vehicles, while one 13-year-old daughter survived, and she is the only survivor of the family that was traveling in a “James” car.

The charred vehicle was carrying a family of 8, and a Filipino domestic worker. The injured were transferred to Wadi Al-Dawasir General Hospital and Rania Hospital.

The sources stated that the traffic and civil defense in Wadi Al-Dawasir governorate began dealing with the tragic accident, which resulted in the death of 8 citizens and a woman of Filipino nationality.

The Red Crescent intervenes

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority stated that the command and control room in Riyadh had received a report from a citizen stating that there had been a collision of two cars on the Al-Rayn / Wadi Al-Dawasir road, carrying a number of passengers, near the migration of Al-Numais.

The authority added: “Immediately after receiving the communication, 6 ambulance teams were directed, and it was found that there were 8 deaths, and two injuries: medium and minor. Ambulance services were provided to the injured, and the cases were transferred to Wadi Al-Dawasir General Hospital and Rania General Hospital.”

A terrible accident in Saudi Arabia .. 8 members of one family were killed, and a girl miraculously survived

Translated from Arabic News https://www.alkhaleej.ae
November 27, 2022 16:40 PM

A state of deep sadness prevailed in Saudi Arabia after the death of a family consisting of 8 members, due to a terrible traffic accident. They are the father, mother, five sons, and daughters, in addition to a Filipino maid.

The brother of the deceased wife narrated some details related to the accident and said that the news was shocking and painful to an unbearable degree, stressing that the family went on a vacation to Riyadh by land.

He added that God wanted their lives to end in this tragic way, and when the news arrived, the whole family went to Wadi Al-Dawasir to follow up on the accident that occurred on a dangerous road, according to what was published by Al-Arabiya.net.

He continued by telling the details, pointing out that the family met with the daughter, her children, and her husband before traveling to bid them farewell, but their car collided with another, and they caught fire, and they were all burned.

He pointed out that the burial was delayed due to the completion of forensic procedures, as well as the procedures of the late Filipino maid.

He revealed that the only survivor was his sister’s son, who was rushed out of the car as a result of the force of the collision. Her name is Nada, she is 18 years old, and she recounted the details of the incident, and stated that she was asleep, and only woke up when she was next to the burning car.

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