Damascus, Syria: A dialogue session on Syrian, Philippine, and international laws related to women

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Damascus, Syria: A dialogue session on Syrian, Philippine, and international laws related to women

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

November 27, 2022

On the occasion of the 16-day campaign to combat gender-based violence, the Bar Association, in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy in Damascus, held a dialogue session on Syrian, Philippine and international laws related to women, at the Sham Hotel.

During the session, a presentation was made on the Syrian and Philippine laws, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), with the aim of benefiting from the experiences of the two countries and knowing the extent to which laws conform to international standards concerned with addressing violence against women, and determining the responsibility of the concerned authorities and how to deal with them and developing legislation, procedures, and services. To protect women and reduce violence.

Assistant Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Muhammad Firas Al-Nabhan explained in a statement to reporters that the ministry focuses on the file of violence against women through a set of laws, including those related to women’s work, controlling it and giving them all their rights, indicating that Syria has ratified a set of agreements related to women’s work and combating violence. against it.

Chargé d’Affairs at the Philippine Embassy and Attorney Vida Soraya Verzosa gave a presentation on the definition of violence and its types under Philippine law, the definition of battered woman syndrome, its jurisprudence, and the protection order issued according to it in order to prevent further acts of violence against women, noting that there is a similarity with Syrian law regarding women and the family in general, indicating that the campaign is being implemented in the Philippines

And all countries of the world to combat violence against women (16-day campaign) and contribute to educating people about their rights and eliminating all forms of violence and discrimination against women.

Secretary of the Bar Association, Samir Batrani, pointed out that violence against women cannot be limited to physical abuse or moral intimidation, but rather extends it to any action that constitutes an obstacle to the full exercise of their rights, pointing out that the laws in Syria have equalized the rights of men and women.

The head of the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs, Engineer Samar al-Sibai, explained that the Commission is working on studying all laws and amending them with regard to aspects related to family protection in general, pointing out that the focus should be on addressing violence by securing a place that provides empowering services for battered women, including a protection unit The family created in 2017.

In his turn, Dr. Omar Ballan, Assistant Representative of the United Nations Population Fund, indicated that the Fund is working in cooperation with a number of legal experts to prepare a study on laws that can be amended in the future in a way that contributes to improving the conditions of women, indicating that the Fund provided a range of services to about 800 thousand women during the year Current, related to reproductive health, awareness and vocational training.

It is noteworthy that the 16-day campaign to combat violence against women and girls is an international campaign that begins annually on the 25th of November, and continues until the 10th of December, which is the “International Human Rights Day”.

Muhannad Suleiman

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