Kuwait: Pinay na kasambahay itinapon umano ang bagong silang niyang sanggol mula sa ika-2 palapag ng bahay ng amo

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English Translation from Arabic News
Source: https://www.alraimedia.com/article/1646506/
June 29, 2023

Kuwait: A Filipina domestic worker throws her baby from the second floor after the sponsor discovers her

Details: The sponsor and his wife went to the maid’s room, but they heard a child crying while the door was closed. They opened the door by force and saw the maid crying with traces of blood on her, while the window was open.

The sponsor looked out the window and saw a newborn thrown in the yard of the house. Security and ambulance were notified, and the mother was taken to the hospital

The paramedics reported that the newborn died, and a case was registered and the investigation is underway by the investigations

Arabic News Source: https://www.alraimedia.com/article/1646506/

Patnubay Note: Ipaparating natin ang balita na ito kay Secretary Susan Ople ng Department of Migrant Workers upang mabigyan ng agarang assistance ang ating kababayan.

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