Pinay Caregiver sa Israel, arestado dahil sa pananakit sa inalagaan na 75-anyos na matandang babae

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Kicked, punched and pulled her hair: a caregiver was accused of abusing an elderly woman
June 25, 2023
Tel Aviv, Israel

Documentation: An indictment has been filed against a foreign worker from the Philippines who was recorded brutally beating a helpless elderly woman suffering from dementia whom she cared for. The caregiver abused her on many occasions: on one occasion she hit her on the head with a slipper and on another with a mobile phone. She grabbed her nose forcefully, dragged it roughly, shook it and pressed sheets in front of her tightly.

Caregiver abused a 75-year-old woman Credit: Police Spokesperson

An indictment was filed this morning (Sunday) against a foreign nanny from the Philippines (39), who was recorded brutally abusing a 75-year-old woman she cared for at her home in Tel Aviv. According to the suspicion, the caregiver brutally attacked the nursing and helpless elderly woman, who suffers from dementia, among other things, even when she was lying in her bed and even while she was asleep. The elderly woman suffered bruises and fractures in her cheekbone after the abuse and was referred to a hospital for medical treatment.

Caregiver abused a 75-year-old woman Credit: Police Spokesperson

The police started an investigation on the 19th of the month, when the elderly woman’s son complained that his mother was beaten by her caregiver. According to the suspicion, in the early hours of that morning, when the suspect passed by the elderly woman’s bed, she kicked her in the back while she was sleeping, and then pulled the blanket she was covering herself with and kicked her butt. Later, the caregiver put gloves on her hands and hit the elderly woman in the face with her fist and another strong blow.

After the caregiver noticed that she had caused the elderly woman to bruise her face, she took a picture of it and sent the photo to her son, misrepresenting that she did not know how his mother was bruised. This was just one of many incidents in which the caregiver allegedly abused the elderly woman she was caring for. Investigators from the Tel Aviv station arrested the caregiver last week, and during her investigation, the mask of abuse of the elderly woman was revealed and the suspicion against her strengthened.

The caregiver is suspected of abusing the elderly woman with severe violence every few days, and sometimes on several occasions in the same day, starting on May 1 this year.

Among other things, the caregiver used to hit the elderly woman on her head, face, back, neck and hands. She hit her head with a slipper, another time with a mobile phone, and once with a pillow. The caregiver kicked the elderly woman’s face and back, grabbed her nose forcefully, dragged her roughly, pushed her, pulled her, punched her in the face and other parts of her body, slapped her butt, pulled her hair, shook her, pressed sheets in front of her tightly, sprayed an alcoholic substance on her – also towards her head , and sprayed air freshener in her face.

The nanny’s detention was extended from time to time by the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court. Along with the indictment, a request was also submitted this morning to arrest the suspect until the end of the legal proceedings against her.

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