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After the celebration of Fathers’ Day organized by ACFIL Youth, a benevolent benefactor has offered them free entrance at the Bowling Center of Il Gigante last March 24,2012 to treat them for a job well done and to encourage them to keep up their good work. Young as they are, organizing such a big event as “Fathers’ Day” wasn’t as simple as one would think.

The fruit of their dedication & commitment was shown through the success of the said celebration. Believe it or not the celebration that lasted only for two hours required them 2 months preparation. The cutting and pasting of the garlands that they offered to their respected fathers were made with so much care and diligence. And just like anyother parent, someone showed her appreciation of the effort rendered by the Acfil Youth.

Just like when a child has done his/her best, she/he deserves to be recognized and given an incentive.There were 14 Filipino Youth who tried to make a strike in every throw in the king pin alley. Some threw the ball and it just collided in a canal which caused the opponent a boisterous laugh just to tease the other. It was really enjoyable and relaxing!

The winners of the tournament are JC Cueto with with 100 points. 127 points followed by Paulo Reyes having 115 points and Ivy Du.

The said tournament was organized as an incentive for the mission that theyhave successfully accomplished, hopingthat these Youth will be able to continue to lead a life full of responsibilities and enjoyment.

After the bowling, they proceeded to a nearby fast food center for a light dinner and afterwards everybody headed for home with awish for another STRIKE for another TIME.

Source:  ACFIL-s-Ang-Tambuli-April-2012-Newsletter

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