Case Closure: OFW Alfredo Salmos – Patnubay’s Complete Documentation for sharing.

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Hope you will find time to read all these articles.

Highly recommended if  you are after for  for truth, fairness and justice

  1. Patnubay’s Detailed Case Report & Closure: Operation Help OFW Alfredo Salmos
  2. (Paper Trail) – How Mang Fred Salmos got the clearance for his car with Patnubay’s help
  3. Summary Report: Mission Accomplished! Patnubay’s Operation – Help OFW Alfredo Salmos
  4. An Open Email to the Philippine Government re: Unfactual Press Release About OFW Alfredo Salmos
  5. Ople Center: Homecoming for Alfred Salmos set; family conveys thanks to FB users
  6. Ople Center: OFW Alfredo Salmos is home, reunites with mother
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