Patnubay Advocacy Group – A Closer Look

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About Patnubay Advocacy Group

Patnubay promotes volunteerism and servant leadership.

What is Volunteerism?

  • Does not have organizational structure, no registration fee or membership fee needed to join Patnubay.
  • With varied specialized talents, skills and experience, these community volunteers bond together to share the hardest problems and tasks, gathering their abilities and combining their faculties, talents and resources to tackle issues affecting Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)
  • In every project, any volunteer, individual or group may  join (or may not join).
  • Doesn’t practice soliciting funds. Any volunteer (an individual or group) may provide financial assistance at their own freewill.
  • Exercises the principles of  transparency, accountability and good governance
  • Applies the V-Team approach

What is Servant Leadership?

  • The concept of servant leadership can be traced back, at least partly, to Jesus, who taught his disciples that “You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:42-45)
  • Islam also teaches Servant Leadership like how Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) exemplified his kind of leadership. Allah said in the Qur’an, “And We made them leaders guiding men by Our Command and We sent inspiration to do good deeds, to establish prayers and to practice charity; and they constantly served Us” (Qur’an 21:73).
  • It encourages leaders to serve others while staying focused on achieving results in line with the organization’s values and integrity.
  • To serve without asking for anything in return.
  • we apply servant Leadership in all our projects

Thru volunteerism and Servant Leadership, Patnubay had successfully solved more than 20 thousand of OFW cases with or without embassy’s assistance.

Other important services of Patnubay to the OFWs are the following

  1. Empowerment of distressed OFWs -thru seminars or house to house visits, emails, forums and social networking sites.
  2. Handling of OFW Cases (Police, Labor and Welfare Cases) in Middle East which we had successfully solved with or without the embassy’s assistance.  For some OFW cases, we are working in parallel with our embassies and consulates.
  3. Authored Various Case Studies and Articles for Philippine-based and International NGOs and Human Rights Organizations (Link for the articles:
  4. CMA-OFW SOS SMS Hotline System – Patnubay helped in the software development of the SMS Hotline System. When the system was launched last 2006, Patnubay volunteers were also the first action officers who acted on these distress cases. (Link for CMA OFW SOS System)
  5. – Launched in 2007 to give credits to real public servants. This is not a competition, no nomination needed. We look for the real servant leaders and not those fake heroes who are just created for a certain award contest. We believe that there are so many real servant leaders and it is our task to look for them then work with them for other noble projects.
  6. – this is our old website which was launched in 2005 to empower the OFWs about their rights and how to fight for their rights. have gained the respect of many OFWs because it is always based in Truth, Fairness and Justice.  Some embassy officials and officers acknowledge that they learned a lot of things from also. focused mainly on OFW Empowerment with the following objectives:
  • To educate our OFWs about their rights.
  • To empower them on how to fight for these rights as per the existing laws and procedures of their respective host countries.
  • To help solved OFW distress Cases

7. Patnubay – this is our new website which has the same function as the old website ( but the following advocacies were added;

Promote Servant Leadership

  • To continue our cause of serving the needy without asking for something in return.
  • To train the younger generation about servant leadership; by setting ourselves as good examples.
  • To give tribute to real servant leaders, living or dead.


Preservation of Philippine Languages and dialects

OFW News Worldwide

  • Education Revolution, Knowledge Upgrade – under OFW Clubs and Interests
  • Patnubay Online Volunteers and Writers come from different places, Saudi Arabia, America, Italy, Israel, other countries in Middle East Countries and the Philippines.

For more information about Patnubay Online, please click this link: About Patnubay Online


Patnubay has no other Objective but to attain its entire goal. That is the secret of their success in handling different types of OFW cases with or without embassy’s help. Ganun din ang lahat ng marangal na proyektong uumpisahan nito.

Amazingly they did all these thru volunteerism and teamwork in which every volunteer has his role, knowledge to share, financial support, some work as translators, some as case officers and some will do the legwork. Now we have writers, poets, news correspondents, taxi drivers, barbers, barista, etc.. These are servant leaders who offered their time, effort and money for a good cause. They help without asking for something in return.

Patnubay has unknown number of volunteers because Patnubay does not require membership registration. The volunteers finance themselves, whoever has the financial capability at a certain time will shoulder the financial needs. Yet, they are very effective in achieving their goals in every project thru volunteerism and servant leadership.


They have at least ten OFW cases each day and they solve each one as soon as they can.

Patnubay is different. Our volunteers are exceptional and they believe that no award or recognition on earth can equal of what they do to mankind. Nasa langit po ang tunay na reward ng lahat ng kabutihang ginawa sa kapwa. Kung sisingilin mo yan dito sa mundo pa lang ay mawawala na ang reward natin pagdating sa langit.


  1. Some Photos of Patnubay – KSA Group with people they had helped
  2. How easy for Patnubay to fulfill a project by applying volunteerism and servant leadership
  3. Patnubay Articles and Case Studies
  4. Patnubay Self Made Advocacy Videos
  5. Patnubay Virtual Lobbying and Empowerment – this is a good read
  6. Video of Patnubay in the news
  7. We are more than conquerors
  8. Patnubay’s Executive Summary Report for 2011
  9. Patnubay’s Executive Summary Report for 2012

 Patnubay’s secret for success in their many years of advocacy.

Strategic Problem Solving Approach of Distress Cases (Strategic War-game Approach)

  1. Where are We? (Gather data)
  2. Where do we want to go ? (Solve the problem)
  3. How do we get there ? (Offer Resolutions)

The shortest distance between two points (1 and 2 ) is always a straight line (3).

The same is true of handling distress cases. Focus on Truth, Fairness and Justice.. (Hindi pa uso ang tuwid na daan ni PNOY, yan na ang sekreto ng patnubaay noon pa man, mahigit isang dekada na ang nakaraan)

Problem Solving Tips for Distress Cases (Logical)

  1. Know and understand the problem
  2. Evaluation / Validation (always get the FACTS)
  3. Carry out your plan
  4. Monitor and update the OFW’s case until it is finished
  5. Be Critical Thinkers, Be Free Thinkers

Drafted by : Tasio Espiritu

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