Rotary International 45° parallel scholarship candidates
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by: Minda Teves

Since 2008, Rotary International 45° parallel ( ROTARACT)) together with ACFIL ( PHILPANEL) have been granting scholarship to 7 Filipino Youth here in Turin .It took four long years of hard labor both for the scholars and the sponsors to see the fruit of such sacrifice. Compliments to KRISTINE BAUTISTA one of the scholars, who patiently reached the end of the duration of the grant with flying colors.

Now, the SAVE A MIND project will continue with Rotary International 45° Parallel only for the year 2012-2014. ACFIL’s role this time is only to submit names of the candidates for the scholarship grant bridging them to their benevolent sponsors. Recently the requirements to be qualified for the grant does not ask much from the participants, the scholars will interact with the Rotarians every two months and in turn Rotarians will offer free tutorial to the students. One thing more, the Rotarians will see to it that the scholars will act as a role model to the Filipino community..whew!

Unlike before, the grant was given to those family with numerous children, now it does not depend to the economic status of the family but to those YOUTH who are really willing to study. The Rotarians believed more to the Filipinos when it comes to the value of education and of course the family value.

This challenge is for you: Pinoy Youth what are you waiting for? why waste your time and the chance to acquire for yourselves good education and promising future? There are some who submitted already their “pagella” for evaluation and qualification. For those who are interested just secure for yourselves a copy of your report card or what we call here “pagella” and submit it to Rosalie Bajade, Kristine Bautista or to Minda Teves. The deadline of submission is not later than September 23,2012. Hurry.

Here are some of the candidates for Rotary International 45° parallel scholarship grant who have submitted already their pagella.

Patrick Ellis Parala Salazar

Carla Joy Mercado Landicho

Mickol Roe Baronia Lasquety

Daiver Arniego Yambao

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