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After more than 4 decades of Philippine migration history, the first conference ever on ― Diaspora 2 Dialogue was held in Rome last September 26-29,2012 at Aran Mantegna Hotel converging 17 different European countries to THINK,DIALOGUE, EMPOWER AND ENGAGE migrants in finding solutions to the emerging facts that cause the problems brought by Migration. Three faces of concerns of Philippine Migration history were being identified;

1.)Reunified-petitioned Youth-Children: How are they now? Are they studying, working or not? Data says that Youth unemployment is increasing and becoming worst because it leads most of them to drug addiction and early marriage. So, why petition them? Do they have a choice to stay or return home to Philippines? Are there any opportunities for them to grab?

2.)OFWs in Europe: Are their rights & duties clear to them ( country of origin & host country)? Since the big constituents are DOMESTIC WORKERS, were their voice heard? Are they protected?

3.)OFW RETIREES: Are they ready to retire? Where are they now? Are they still working? & maybe SICK? Those children left behind in the Philippines and those petitioned and are already in the host country are both confronted by various issues caused by migration.

Emotional preparation is needed. With the current global financial crisis that is now much felt in European nations, the number of displaced migrants are increasing. Social security in the country of origin and destination is very important.

Overseas work is temporary and at the end of the day, workers must be socially secured. After all, social security is a basic right and migrants should benefit from it. Readiness of retirees should be in holistic form— physically, emotionally and psychologically among others. Reintegration plan should start from the time that a worker considers the idea of migration. Sad to say that most returnees from Europe return home when they are already aging and or sick .

It is when they can no longer enjoy the fruits of their hard work and worst, some end up using the last cents to save their lives. Well, it is never too late… Massive EDUCATION and INFO-DRIVE are keys to smoothen the struggles in confronting the issues of integration & reintegration making MIGRATION enjoyable and profitable.

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