Italy: Farming in ACFIL’s Garden

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by: Nerissa Antaran Tejada

Green thumbs touched Acfil’s Garden this year bringing it to full-bloom! Vegetables like ―ampalaya, upo, eggplant, okra, camote tops, saluyot, sili, tomatoes and kangkong filled the garden making it not just pleasing to the eyes but also gave an impression of a delicious meal at table. Filipino famous cuisine like ―pinakbet, tortang talong, diningding, ampalaya na may itlog,bulanglang atbp. were enjoyed by many last summer.

Thanks to those persons who exerted their efforts in keeping the garden and made it produce healthy vegetables for us. Unlike the past years vegetables were harvested and brought to the places were Filipinos gathered, this year they came to the garden and provide for themselves freshly-picked vegetables they desire. Harvesting became also an amusement for everyone coupling it with picture-taking!

After saying a lot of beautiful adjectives about Acfil’s garden this year I think it is just right to say ―THANK YOU to those persons who made made things possible. To Mr. & Mrs. Florencio Jose Sr., Mr. Herminio Jose, Mr. & Mrs. Candido Formarejo, Mr. Ceferino Camacho, Franklin Galano and to all members who gave a hand during the preparation of the garden ―MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA INYONG LAHAT!!!. We wish to see you all again next summer.

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