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A group of 21 leaders coming from Padova, Turin and Milan gathered at Piazzale Susa, 1-Milan Italy last February 17,2013 to attend the ―TEAM BUILDING SEMINAR facilitated by Ms. Carol Medel-Anonuevo from Hamburg Germany the Deputy Director of UNESCO of Life-Long Learning.

The seminar was opened with a prayer and the Philippine National Anthem. The speaker distributed pieces of papers and asked all the participants to write down their expectations and different motivations why they have chosen to waste their precious time attending the seminar instead of staying at home and relax. Everybody was excited especially when the answers were read one by one. They even tried to guess who‘s written certain ideas. Well, there was one thing that came out as common to all that is ―CURIOSITY . We were actually curious on how to acquire knowledge to become an effective leader and at the same time bring out the common interest of everyone in the community and organize profitable and developmental activities.

Moreover, the TIME that was offered unselfishly by those who participated was all that matters. If they were there it was because they believed something good has to be done. We have no reason at all to stay at ease and be contented to witness the demeaning conditions of some of our fellow OFWs. We have to do something to uplift our own lives and help others also overcoming their present struggles.

RESPECT and COMMUNICATION are both necessary to BUILD A TEAM according to the speaker. The negative and positive experiences that we encounter in our group and our community as well could in one way help us grow to become better persons. They could be taken as ―CHALLENGE even if in some way those experiences have wounded as in the past. Yes, we were wounded by so many negative experiences in our lives. The battle is not yet over….true, we are wounded but with courage we stand up again more stronger than before. We found out that behind every negative experience lies certain positive aspect if we take them in its right perspective.

It was also cited that there are so many factors to be considered in team building, what is needed is that everybody will be united in one common goal. Having a group of leaders with strong and constant determination will surely lead to the realization of everyone‘s vision and mission as migrant Filipinos. According to Ms. Carol, a driven leader with HONESTY and WILL to lead will with no doubt bring SUCCESS to the communities‘ collective action and even go beyond pursuing more noble ideals.

Lunch was taken while conversation about the topic was on-going and at the same time getting to know each other. Before the seminar was concluded we made it sure that picture taking won‘t be missed. Lastly Ms. Carol said ― remember this always: ― Your journey has not ended yet being a leader, there would be more trials to come, you will be wounded, but for SURE YOU WILL ALL STAND UP AS WARRIORS.

There were more other things that the speaker would have wanted to impart to us but was not able to do so due to time constraint. She had to leave us on time to catch for the plane back to where she is assigned. The 21 participants continued the meeting for the preparation of the upcoming ―D2D Echo Conference that will be done on March 17, 2013.

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