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About Patnubay Online

URL: http://patnubay.org

What is Patnubay Online?

  1. Non-Profit Website
  2. Not affiliated to any political party
  3. Not affiliated to a specific religious group.
  4. Of the OFWs, By the OFWs, For the OFWs

 Who we are ?

  1.  We are OFWs
  2.  We are volunteers
  3.  We are servant leaders

Guiding Principles

  1.  Truth
  2. Fairness
  3. Justice
  4.  Transparency
  5. Accountability
  6. Good Governance
  7. Honesty
  8. Integrity

Site Map – Primary Objectives

  1.  News – The primary objective is to provide accurate and reliable information, stories and news about OFWs.
  2.  OFW Clubs and Interest – To encourage the OFWs to develop (and to promote) their skills and talents.
  3. OFW Empowerment
    • To educate our OFWs about their rights.
    • To empower them on how to fight for these rights as per the existing laws and procedures of their respective host countries.
    • International Human Rights Laws will also be discussed here.
  4. Servant Leadership
    • To continue our cause of serving the needy without asking for something in return.
    • To train the younger generation about servant leadership; by setting ourselves as good examples.
    • To give tribute to real servant leaders, living or dead.
    • To promote the principles of HAGIT (Honesty Accountability Good Governance Integrity and Transparency).

 Secondary Objectives

  1. Education Revolution, Knowledge Upgrade – under OFW Clubs and Interests
  2. Preservation of Philippine Languages and dialects (see also our languages repository)

 Primary Rules:

  1. Observe the 8 Guiding Principles (Truth, Fairness, Justice, Transparency, Accountability, Good Governance, Honesty and Integrity)
  2. Avoid stereotyping against religion, gender or race.

Secondary Rules

  1. News – Observe non-opinionated articles; the writer must exercise Neutral Point of View.
  2. OFW Empowerment – opinions and reactions are valid as long as the 8 guiding principles are exercised.
  3. OFW Clubs and Interest – promote your clubs, skills or knowledge without vilifying others.
  4.  Servant Leaders – At all times, you must set yourselves as good examples. Be a doer of the words you write. Not just a talker, not just a writer.
Website Administration and Design by: TAS Espiritu
Patnubay Online Logo by : Mr. Renz Tuzon

To Fellow OFWs, Young and Old, Living or Dead,  Good and Not Bad.


  1. News – The admin will take full responsibility for any news posted by a contributor. The admin may edit or may require the contributor for additional information if the 8 guiding principles are not observed.
  2. OFW Empowerment – The writer/contributor may take sole responsibility for his own opinion. The admin / editors may suggest to the contributor for additional information if the admin or the editor thinks that the 8 guiding principles are not followed.
  3. Viewers comments are not our responsibility. However, we may omit comments which we think are not appropriate.


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