Carlito Khalid Lana

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Ang execution kay Carlito Lana ay nangyari kahapon, Biyenes, Disyembre 12, 2014. sa bandang alas tres ng hapon, sa Riyadh.

Arabic na Balita sa pagbitay –

Si Carlito ay nahatulan ng bitay dahil sa pagpatay sa kanyang matandang amo, sa pamagitan ng pagbaril at pagsagasa ng sasakyan noong 2011 sa Azizia, Riyadh. Nagkaroon umano ng pagtatalo si Carlito sa kanyang amo bago nangyari ang insidente

Arabic na Balita sa insidente –

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Google Translation sa mga Balita

Riyadh 20 Safar 1436 AH corresponding to December 12, 2014, SPA
Interior Ministry issued a statement on the implementation of the rule of murder retribution Bajani (Filipino nationality) today in the city of Riyadh, the statement reads as follows: –
God said (O ye who believe! retribution in the dead) verse, he says (and you in retribution life, O men of understanding Fountain of Faith).
Senior / Carlito Nunez Lana (Filipino citizenship) to kill / Nasser Bin Khaled Bin Sweden Qahtani (Saudi nationality) and it shot him with a pistol one shot hit him in the chest and then pedal car, which led to his death following a dispute occurred between them, and by the grace of God to arrest the offender mentioned managed security authorities and resulted in the investigation to him about his indictment of committing the crime and refer it to the General Court handed down a legitimate instrument spend on demonstrated what was attributed to him religiously and sentenced to death retribution, and sincerity judgment of the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, and the Royal Decree was issued to the Shari’ah rules and sincerity of Recuperative against the offender mentioned enforcement, has been on death murder retribution offender / Carlito Nunez Lana (Filipino nationality) today Friday, 20/02/1436 AH in Riyadh City area Riyadh.
and the Interior Ministry, as announced this to confirm to all the keenness of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the government may God protect him on security and justice and the implementation of the provisions of God in each of encroaching upon the unsuspecting and shed their blood and warns at the same time both tempted to embark on such that the punishment Forensic would be doomed.
God Pacific to whether ,,, way
finished // //
15:49 ITM

Tuesday 29 Muharram 1432 – January 4, 2011
Asian worker kills elderly sponsor pistol and bullets in his car Adhsh
دوريات الأمن تضبط القاتل جنوب الرياض في وقت قياسي Security patrols set the killer south of Riyadh in record time
Riyadh – walks Shaibani

Overthrew security patrols in Riyadh murderer (Asian) commits a heinous crime chilling while the oldest is guaranteed to kill in a desert area and then run over by car south of forestry camels south of Riyadh and fled, and that the effect of conflict between them.

In detail that during the one security patrols south of Riyadh suspected car-type Hilux traveling someone Asian nationality looked upon signs of fear and confusion and when rotating it approaches to achieve the suspicion the person running over Alsaj Iron interval between the service line and the way the southern ring trying to escape in a state of agitation and wants to enter to the main road, but could not do so, then got out of the patrol and pulled the person out of the car, which stained the impact of the crash where the request of the Red Crescent to help him from the impact of a superficial head injury, and while modifying the car away from the iron fence and inspected were found inside the weapon semiautomatic pistol Yugoslavian -made live shots and white weapon type “dagger” card conditions and form the car and driver’s license belonging to a Saudi citizen and purse inside the sum of $ 1,600 riyals, and through seizures that were found in the car was the conclusion that the case involves a criminal act.

After calming the person and through discussion acknowledged that he worked as a driver with the sponsor citizen Steny and it is the oldest to kill his sponsor after being shot and run over by car as a result of a dispute between them in a desert area south of Aziziyah neighborhood near the camel market and moving to the site spotted the victim lying on the ground with blood-splattered, showing he had died from the impact of the fire and run over by car, all the necessary measures have been taken toward the issue by wandering police station after the incident chose to embrace communication

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