AMNESTY FOR UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS in KSA: “The project is under study.”

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Inquiry of the Philippine Embassy and The Ministry of Labor’s response on AMNESTY FOR UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS
Source (Arabic):
Abha, Riyadh: Muhab Al-Auwar, Faris Al Nawaf

Philippine Embassy: We do not recommend our nationals who have no Iqama to surrender themselves. Embassy is waiting for an official confirmation to Labor Minister Adel al Fakieh’s statement about the amnesty.

The Ministry of Labor’s response: The project is under study.

The statements made by the Minister of Labor Adel Al -Fakieh about the amnesty for illegal and overstaying foreigners, without being penalized in exchanged for surrendering themselves then repatriation has prompted the Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia to advise its nationals to not to surrender themselves until it receives an official confirmation, on the status of illegal and overstaying Filipino workers and granting final exit visas.

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh stated through its website that it has sent a letter to the Kingdom to ask for clarification on Fakieh’s statement, but the embassy has not received an official response yet to the inquiries.

However, a source in the Ministry of Labor, told Al-Watan Online News yesterday that the amnesty mentioned by Minister Fakieh for illegal and overstaying foreigners is still a draft proposal subject to study in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and has not yet applied so far, adding that such direction takes time to be implemented. The opening for the first meeting of the Saudization committees held in Riyadh on February 24 had witnessed the statements of Minister al Fakieh on Amnesty for illegal and overstaying foreigners allowing them to leave without being penalized, if they surrendered themselves.

Therefore, the Philippine Embassy was forced to issue a statement under the title “The Philippine Embassy seeks confirmation of amnesty” , indicating that it has noticed an incoming number of news about the statements of Labor Minister Adel Al Fakieh in several newspapers in the Kingdom; concerning the amnesty for illegal workers and overstaying foreigners in exchange for final visas without being penalized. At the same time, the embassy stressed that if it has not received any official announcement in this regard. Thus, it has not advise its nationals to surrender themselves until receiving an official response.

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