HAGIT: Dirty Politics and Election

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As we draw close to the much-awaited day of elections, we hear cacophony of voices heralding the names of candidates, telling the people that the cure of social ills is discovered and that their candidates have it.

Another day of mudslinging for those who can’t live without besmirching the reputation of their opponents in the guise of presenting themselves as saviors, holders of the antidote of poverty and champions of people’s hopes.

This is the price of living in a democracy. Washing dirty linen in public becomes the rule of the day. A candidate has to put himself on guard every second of the day to fend off criticism and keep his best foot forward.

The task of winning the heart of voters may be daunting and frustrating but elections are more complicated than what it seems to be. We are aware that everything is not based on campaign platforms. Candidates, either coming from the majority or minority groups, are pressed with something bigger than their character. They are all bedevilled by the biggest challenge that goes perennially with election euphoria, that is unlocking the secrets of effective vote-selling and vote-buying.

From the point of view of those who watch election proceedings, it is everybody’s game. If you emerge victorious, you cannot be expected to make a public confession admitting your election through from fraud and vote-buying.

Indeed, whether elected officials owe their victory through cheating and massive vote-buying, they will never raise it as a point of concern but for those who come out empty-handed, they usually portray themselves as victims of fraud. This is paradoxical. This is how most of us view election result, only in the Philippines!!!

Patnubay.org wishes to thank Atty James Lobedica for giving us the permission to publish this short story in our website. Atty James Lobedica is a lawyer based in Cebu City. He advocates perservation of Cebuano language and culture. He finished his Bachelor of Laws at the University of San Carlos – Cebu in 1992.

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