Qatar: Minimum salary for family visa raised to QR10,000

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DOHA: Only those expatriates who earn a minimum salary of QR10,000 monthly would now be eligible to obtain a family visa, it is learnt.

The special panel at the Ministry of Interior that decides on family visa applications from expatriates has raised the salary criterion from QR8,000 to QR10,000, Al Sharq reported yesterday.

It had been raised from QR7,000 to QR8,000 some time ago.

The committee that was earlier functioning at the Ministry of Labour had been shifted to the Ministry of Interior. The panel comprises representatives from different government bodies including the Ministry of Labour.

The salary requirement has now been revised taking into account the rising cost of living in the country, the daily said.

Expatriates bringing their families to Qatar should have the financial capacity to maintain a decent standard of living.

The special panel will scan every family visa application from expatriate employees before taking a decision. It has its own ways to detect false information as well as fake documents provided by the applicants, said the daily.


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