End of Contract Duration Tips for OFWs in KSA

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A worker must send an early written notice to his employer  to remind the latter that the worker does not intend to renew his contract.  As early as two (2) months before matapos ang contract, you should send a letter stating that you don’t want to renew your contract. The letter must contain the following:

1. The Subject should be Non-renewal of Contract” don’t use the word “termination” or “resignation”.
2. That your contract will end on (what date) and that you dont want to renew it.
3. That you send the letter in 60 days advanced notice for them to be able to do the following:

a. to have an enough time  to look for your replacement
b. to have an enought time to process the unpaid salary, overtime pay, vacation pay (21 days per year) and end of service benefits (1/2 month per year for the first five years, and 1 month every on the 6th year onwards)
c. to have an enough time to process, the exit visa, and plane ticket
d. all tasks above must be done before the date of the contract.
e. to repatriate you to your home country on or before the end of contract date.

3. Do not use the word termination or resignation.. use the word non-renewal of contract.

4. uulitin ko, the advanced notice letter ay SOP as per the Saudi labor law. Obligation ng worker na ipaalam at iremind ang employer kung magrenew sya or hindi at least 60 days before his contract ends.

5. The letter must be sent thru the following channels

a – registered mail addressed to your company – keep your receipt from the post office, you can use this as an evidence. ito yong pinakamagandang option at di pwedeng maitanggi ng employer kung hahantong man ito sa kasohan
b.-  send thru fax – keep the transmittal slip
c. printed letters, one for you and one for your company. let the manager sign your copy.. his signature is enough proof na na-remind mo sya.
d. pwede ang email or any electronic forms but always keep a hard copy also

5. What if di ka na-repatriate after your contract ends.. at walang schedule na flight?

Sa unang araw pagkatapos ng iyong cotnract, wag kang magtrabaho at wag kang magtrabaho sa mga susunod na araw if walang agreement na pauwiin ka or i-extend. If may agreeement for extension, then dapat it should be in black and white.. dapat may undertaking na pirmahan ng worker at ng employer.

– as per the Saudi Labor Law, in the absence of the advanced notice letter, at nagtrabaho ka pa sa unang araw pagkatapos end of contract date then considered as renewed na ang iyong kontrata.

6. worst scenario, kung di ka man pauwiin at pipilitin ka man nila na magtrabaho ay maari tayong makareklamo sa kinaukolan dahil mayroon tayong evidence na nasunod natin ang tamang proceso.

7. also talk to your agency or sa polo for them to remind your employer to follow the contract that was signed in the Philippines.

8. if your agency or the POLO wont help you.. we are here always to guide and help you.


Drafted by Tas Espiritu (11/29/2013)
Revised 01/09/2013)
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