Paper Trail – How Mang Fred Salmos got the clearance for his car with Patnubay’s Help

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Patnubay Paper Trail Report – Steps Taken for Mr. Salmos to get the car clearance: 

1. (May 1, 2012 ) Mr. Salmos accompanied by Romy Carbonel of Patnubay went to the Governor’s office in Jeddah and brought Mr. Salmos’ letter to HRH Prince Mishaal bin Majed bin Abdulaziz al Saud. 

2. The Governor’s office accepted the letter and gave the reference stub. They also advised Mr. Salmos to stay at home while romy will follow-up for his request. Romy was advised to return after 5 days. Please check file number below 

Emara Reference number – 33202409995 

Status of request on May 1 . 2012

In our experience, if sa rights (hukok) department ng emara maiforward, it is either the emara will request for waiving of penalty or the emara itself will pay.. Like sa case ni pareng Rico Monsanto for the overstayed visit visa ng kanyang mom in law. Ang governor’s office ng Riyadh mismo ang nagbayad ng penalty.. 

The request will be forwarded to either moroor to waive the car registrationor directly sa jawasat to waive the estimara problem or to jwasat to clear all penalty.. and get ready for exit.. 

3. On May 2, 2012 when we checked for the status of the request (online) , we learned that Mr. Salmos request was already forwarded to the morror…

File number 33202409995 exported to Jeddah Traffic Department number 925869 / C / R in e 11/06/1433. 

Sa May 2 pa lang alam na natin na naiforward sa muror ang request ni Mr. Salmos at alam din natin kung ano ang file number nya doon. Since Romy was advised na babalik after 5 days kaya ang schedule ng pagpunta nya sa emara ay sa May 6.. 

4. May 6, 2012 Bumalik si Romy sa Emara at binigyan sya ng panibagong stub, nakalagay sa stub na naiforward ang request ni Mr. Salmos sa Muror at ang file number sa muror ay 925869. so accurate yong information na nakuha natin in advanced. Nasa baba po yong panibagong stub. Aware din tayo na na may recommendation letter ito galing mismo ng governor’s office granting Mang fred salmos request to waive all the penalties sa kanyang sasakyan. 

Reference stub with Emara file number 33202409995 and muror file number 925869 

5. Bumalik si Romy sa Muror noong May 7 at wala pa ang request ng emara sa kanilang computer. Noong May 8, ay nandon na sa computer ng muror ang recommendation ng emara to clear all Salmos’ records. Hindi na nadala si Salmos sa Muror dahil dinala naman ng consulate sa Jawasat para sa kanilang muro-muro na may ginagawa sila. 

6. May 9, si Mang fred Salmos, si Romy Carbonel at si Frank Resma ay magkasamang pumunta sa murror at naipaclear si mr. Salmos. Nasa baba po yong sulat ng governor’s office sa muror to clear Mr. Salmos Record.. ay may file number nakasulat sa upper left corner na 925869 (arabic) .. parehong pareho sa file number na nakasulat dyan sa point number 4. 

Wala sa atin ang original dahil pero binigyan ng photocopy si mang fred. At napicturan din ni na romy at frank habang minamatch nila yong file numbers sa sulat. 

Ito yong visual na pagmatch ng reference number sa stub na binigay sa atin ng emara doon naman sa reference number ng recommendation ng governor to muror to clear the car records of Mr. Salmos. 

Ginawa namin ang report na ito dahil hanggang ngayon ay pilit pa ring pinagdikdikan ng taga-consulate na sila ang nakapagclear sa muror. At sabi ng isang ali Aguam kay mang fred 3 weeks na daw nilang napaclear kaya daw na naclear si mang fred sa muror. 

7. Doon na rin sa muror nakita ulit ni mang fred ang kanyagn sulat sa emara .. na kasamang ipinorward ng governor’s office sa kanilang recommendation. Makikita nyo rin sa baba ng second page ng sulat (arabic) ni mang fred ang file number na 33202409995.. ito yong first file number na binigay ng emara ng tinanggap nila ang sulat ni mang fred. 

First page of Mang Fred’s letter (Arabic) to HRH Prince Mishaal 

Second page of Mang Fred’s letter (Arabic) to Prince Mishaal which the file number 33202409995 (arabic) can be found in the lower right corner . Doon ito nakita ulit ni Mang Fred sa Morur. 

Second page of Mang Fred’s letter (Arabic) to Prince Mishaal which the file number 33202409995 (arabic) can be found in the lower right corner . Doon ito nakita ulit ni Mang Fred sa Morur. 

For Alfredo Salmos English version of his letter to Prince Mishaaal please see below 

First page of Mang Fred Salmos English Letter to Prince Mishaal 

Second page of Mang Fred Salmos English Letter to Prince Mishaal 

The rest are the other documents needed to finally get the clearance 

Muror Police Report 

Alfredo Salmos Statement sa Muror 

Estimara (Car Registration) Renewal for one year SOP to – 600SR So ito lang ang binarayan dahil tinanggal na yong Penalty multiplied number of years 

And finally 

And finally, ang Clearance ng Sasakyan 

Disclaimer : 

The following images are attached to this document to prove the following: 

1. that it was Mr. Salmos’ who brought his letter for HRH Prince Mishaal bin Majed bin Abdulaziz al Saud, to the Governor’s office of Jeddah. 

2. that we must show our appreciation to the Jeddah Governor and his staff for granting Mr. Salmos his request to clear his car records. Ganun din sa taga Muror na tumugon kaagad. 

3. that Patnubay Advocacy Group drafted the letter of Mr. Salmos based on his statements. We also paid for the translation of the letter to Arabic. We accompanied Mr. Salmos to the Governor’s office and did most of the legworking until Mr. Salmos got the clearance for his car. 

4. that the Consulate did not help Mr. Salmos in getting this clearance. They only wrote their note verbale last May 6, 2012. That process normally takes six months before they will get a response. It will be first received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before it will be forwarded to the Governor’s office. For sure, their note verbale has not yet reached to the Governor’s office. 

5. that this documentation is made public to tell the whole truth of how Mr. Salmos got the clearance for his car and to empower our fellow OFWs. The Saudi Government helps all residents regardless of race, color or creed as long as you are telling the TRUTH and you have not offended anyone. 

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