Pinoy naisalba ng Italian Coast Guard

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Abril 25, 2021 San Cataldo, Lecce – Hindi nagsasayang ng oras ang Italian coastguard para maisalba ang 40 anyos na Pinoy sa pagkalunod, nang tumaob ang kanyang canoe at siya ay nahulog sa dagat. Si kabayan ay narescue at dinala sa “Vito Fazzi” hospital sa Lecce.

Nasa baba ang English translation ng Italian News

Canoe capsizes, risks drowning: soldiers fix a boat and save him

Rescued a 40 year old in the grip of currents. There was no time to wait for the patrol boat, the coastguards used another boat

April 28, 2021 4:50 pm

SAN CATALDO – There was no time to waste. That man was at the mercy of the currents, clinging to his canoe, overturned, and now at the end of his strength. The patrol boat, although already warned, would have risked arriving too late. At that point, the soldiers of the local Maritime Office of San Cataldo did the only thing possible: to commandeer a small boat, the closest to where they were, and jump into the sea to save it.

It was in this way that the soldiers of the coast guard stationed in the lighthouse of the Lecce navy managed to save a 40-year-old Filipino, residing in the capital, who on April 25 last had gone out with his canoe for an excursion that had transformed into a certain point, in a real misadventure, due to the conditions of the sea, which began to swell and with the gloomy prediction even of a deterioration. 

The story, as mentioned, dates back to three days ago, but has been learned only now. Around 4.30 pm on Sunday, some passersby phoned the operations room of the Otranto coast guard, reporting the man in difficulty off the stretch of coast in front of the Lido Ponticello bathhouse. He was unable to return. Rescue left immediately. The soldiers of San Cataldo arrived on the beach in a few moments, and in the meantime the intervention of the Cp 844 patrol boat was requested.

But, the soldiers arrived on the spot by car, hearing the desperate requests for help from that man who was at sea, about 150 meters from the shore, holding on to the canoe with his hands so as not to go to the bottom, did not wait for a second more. They found a boat and threw themselves in the direction of him, managing to hoist him aboard and carry him ashore.

Very tired and in evident state of hypothermia, the 40-year-old Filipino was rescued by the 118 operators, who then transported him to the “Vito Fazzi” hospital in Lecce for investigations. A story that, fortunately, even if in extreme conditions, was resolved with a happy ending.

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