Tokyo: Pinay at Hapones arestado dahil sa fake marriage documents

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Filipino woman and Japanese man arrested for fake marriage

May 13th 18:57
Source: TBS News

A Filipino woman and a Japanese man were arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of fake marriage.

The persons arrested were Tanriben Ladam Esterita (43), a Filipino national, and Hiroaki Nishi (60), a contract employee in Edogawa Ward, who are in the interior business in Suginami Ward, Tokyo. It is suspected that the two of them submitted a document that they were married to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau in October last year, even though they were not married, and illegally reported their period of stay.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the incident was discovered when a Filipino woman arrested in January this year said that her colleague Tanriben was in a fake marriage. The two have denied the charges, saying they “planned to live together,” but the Metropolitan Police Department is also investigating whether the broker was involved.

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