Pinoy patay sanhi ng rocket strikes sa patuloy na kaguluhan sa Israel at Gaza

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Ibinalita ng Al Awsat News – Tel Aviv, na walo ka tao ang patay sa Israel sanhi ng rocket strikes mula sa Gaza Strip. Kabilang umano sa mga nasawi ay isang Pinoy.

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Nasa baba ang ating translation sa Al Awsat News

The costs of the war on Gaza in four days

Saturday – 3 Shawwal 1442 AH – 15 May 2021 AD Issue No. [15509]

Tel Aviv: “Asharq Al-Awsat”

In addition to the terror afflicting millions of people in the Gaza Strip and Israeli cities, as a result of the exchange of missile strikes, and the psychological trauma and wounds this causes, difficult to integrate and complications that are difficult to estimate, the war on Gaza has cost heavy losses in lives and other material damage.

This war broke out on May 10, when the military arm of Hamas, the “Izz al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades,” announced in a statement issued at 4:45 in the afternoon that it was giving Israel until 6:00 pm to withdraw its soldiers. From the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and the release of the arrested Al-Mourabitounes. Israel responded by detonating explosive devices near the border with the northern Gaza Strip. At 6 pm, Hamas carried out its threat and fired five rockets at Jerusalem. The Israeli Iron Dome system confronted these missiles, destroying four of them, but the fifth ran out of them and fell near Jerusalem. This caused a halt to the provocative settlement march in Jerusalem. Hamas said: “Our missiles are a message that the enemy should understand well. If you return, we will go back, and if you increase, you increase.” And Israel increased, and they increased. So far, the result is as follows:

Gaza strip

As of Friday evening, the number of Palestinian victims of the Israeli raids reached 119, including 31 children and 19 women, and the number of wounded was about 830. Israel claims that Hamas, Jihad and other factions bear responsibility for the killing of the majority of Palestinian civilians and that they have fallen because these factions use civilians as human shields or have fallen with missiles. Hamas, a third of which is in the Gaza Strip. While the Palestinians refute this claim and display pictures of the victims as they pull them out of the rubble of the buildings destroyed by the Israeli bombing. And they assert that the naval and land bombardment with blind artillery is the cause of civilian casualties. Israel and Hamas confirm that among the victims in Gaza are 60 military commanders of the factions, including 16 senior commanders, four of whom are officers holding the rank of major general.

Israel announces that it bombed about 800 targets in the Gaza Strip, during the four days, which included: destroying four towers, attacking 33 underground tunnels used by the Palestinian militia forces as fortified sites, and destroying 160 missile launch batteries and ten homes of prominent field commanders. According to Israel, it destroyed the infrastructure of the Palestinian factions, which will make them need many years to restore their strength, but it also caused damage to the infrastructure of the Palestinian population, as it hit the water and sewage network and caused the work of the electrical current to reduce to 4 hours a day, as was the case in the time of the 2014 war. As for the financial costs, they are estimated in Gaza at about $ 100 million so far, but this does not include the calculation of the tunnels that Israel says have destroyed them.


Eight people were killed in Israel by rocket strikes from the Gaza Strip, including an Arab man and his daughter in the city of Lod and a Filipino worker. About 400 people were injured, 60 of them were severely injured, mostly in the head, and 70 of them were diagnosed with trauma. The majority of the wounded in Israel are civilians, as one soldier was killed and six other soldiers were wounded. The Palestinians say Israel is hiding the true number of its losses.

Of the total of about 2000 rockets and shells, the Iron Dome system managed to intercept hundreds and fell hundreds more in open areas without causing damage, but about 150 rockets bypassed Iron Dome radars and landed in Israeli cities and villages in populated areas, extending north of Marj Ibn Amer in the north. And even Jerusalem and Beersheba in the east, Tel Aviv and its region, and this is in addition to the surrounding and near towns in the Gaza Strip, such as the big cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon and the small city of Sderot. It caused panic among citizens, left demolition and destruction in about 200 homes and buildings, and required more than 4 million citizens to spend long hours in shelters. Among the prominent damages in Israel are the disruption of the movement of Ben Gurion International Airport, diverting planes coming to Israel towards Ramon Airport in Eilat, striking fuel depots in the port of Ashdod, and destroying a military vehicle.

The events in Jerusalem triggered a widespread protest movement for Arabs in Israel, which later escalated into bloody clashes in mixed cities between Jews and Arabs with the outbreak of the rocket war with the Gaza Strip, and escalating clashes erupted in the West Bank. This resulted in the recruitment of 16,000 reservists for the Israeli army as of yesterday.

As for the economic costs in Israel, they have not been counted yet, but if we take into account that each Iron Dome missile costs 50 thousand dollars and each sortie of warplanes costs 100 thousand dollars and every missile strikes about Gaza 30 thousand dollars, then the war has so far cost about half a billion dollars. Dollars,


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