UAE: Pinay on trial ‘for forging passport’

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Woman on trial ‘for forging passport’
by: Marie Nammour / 28 June 2012

DUBAI – A Filipina woman allegedly got a false birth certificate made for a child she conceived out of wedlock, by impersonating a married work mate, a court heard on Thursday.

According to prosecution records, the 27-year-old defendant used the copy of a colleague’s (the complainant) passport and forged it by posting her photo instead of the other woman’s.

She then allegedly submitted the forged passport copy to a local hospital and managed to get a birth document issued for her girl child in the name of the other woman.

She allegedly used the forged document and the original passports of the complainant and her husband, without their consent, and submitted them to the Preventive Medicine Department of the Ministry of Health and accordingly got a birth certificate. She had allegedly had illicit consensual sex with the runaway partner.

In the Court of First Instance, she faced charges of forgery and use of forged official document, use of authentic document belonging to others, and illicit consensual sex.

The complainant, a 31-year-old working Filipina, said in the investigation that the defendant worked in the Human Resources Department in the same company where she and her husband worked.

In August last year, the complainant added, the defendant requested her passport and that of her husband’s on the pretext that the Free Zone Authority would want to verify them. They gave her their passports which the defendant returned some time later.

In March, the complainant knew that the defendant was arrested in connection with a case.

She also found out that the defendant had forged her passport to get a child-birth document. By using this forged document and the complainant’s and her husband’s passports, a birth certificate was issued from the Preventive Medicine Department, the complainant testified. The complainant and her husband were accordingly registered as the child’s parents.

A criminal complaint was filed against the defendant at Al Qusais police station.

The complainant knew about the incident from the defendant’s girlfriend.

The defendant admitted in the Public Prosecution investigation that she had sex outside of the wedlock with a runaway compatriot and had an illicit girl child with him.

She admitted that when she gave birth to her baby last June, she had submitted the forged passport copy.

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