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The letter of self relinquishment submitted by the 12 collectors of custom is doubtlessly a confirmation of the well-entrenched corruption in the notorious Bureau of Customs which P-INOY wants overhauled. Others may see it as half-baked and insufficient to convincingly dispel doubts of cleansing the graft-ridden office from scalawags, but psychologically and by itself this is good enough to get the ball rolling. It brings back hope to rejuvenate the chorus of public outcry seeking to restore respect, dignity and honor in government service.

Aside from establishing the iron-clad will of the Aquino administration by purging all vestiges of high-placed political patronage and fixing the holes of possible sources of corruption which seem to have ingrained into the core of the Bureau of Customs, the latest development brings us close to reclaiming the realization of our wish that there is always time for everything. Nobody is untouchable and nothing is impossible if we talk about change.

As we know it, there is so much work to be done taking into consideration the inequitable opportunity to earn for a decent living among the forgotten sectors of society, the taxpayers and the downtrodden who want to see a fair deal of sharing the economic pie instead of allowing just a handful of corrupt public officials to squander everything to their heart’s content at the expense of public trust.

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