KSA – MOH announces 48 new cases of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), The total number of cases now is 392

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March 21, 2020 16:33 – KSA MOH announces the registration of (48) new cases of the new Corona virus (Covid 19) as follows:

  • Among the new cases were travel-related cases, and (5) health and administrative practitioners in Riyadh health facility, they are without health symptoms, isolation was performed, and the facility was closed in reserve.
  • And the rest of the cases, most of which were caused by gaining infection through contact with previous cases, some of which were associated with attending social events such as gathering for condolences and family meetings, and these are unfortunate examples of the effect of gatherings in spreading the infection, whether in homes, breaks, parks, and the like.

Thus, the total number of new cases of Coronavirus in the Kingdom becomes (392), (8) additional cases recovered, bringing the total number of recovering cases (16), praise be to God,

The remaining cases are hygienically isolated and receive necessary medical care.


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