Balita tungkol sa Ambassador ng Pilipinas sa Brazil na nangmaltrato umano ng Pinay na kasambahay

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English Translation of the news in Portugese language

Philippine ambassador to Brazil is spotted hitting maid

Images of the assaults, which includes pinching, slapping and ear tugging, were captured by the representation’s camera system in Brasília

10/25/2020 22:34, UPDATED 10/26/2020 10:14

The Philippine ambassador to Brazil , Marichu Mauro ( highlighted photo ), was spotted attacking a domestic worker who worked within the representation of the Asian country in Brasilia.

The victim is 51 years old, of Filipino origin and worked in the ambassador’s official residence at the back of the main building. Physical assaults, such as pinches, slaps and ear tugs, were captured by cameras installed at the embassy and shown in a report by Rede Globo ‘s Fantástico .

The images captured by the embassy’s security circuit were handed over to the Justice and serve as evidence for the complaints made by representatives of the representation, in Brasília, to the Public Ministry of Labor, which opened an investigation to investigate the case.

One of the employees, whose identity was preserved by the report, reported that the maid was assaulted by the ambassador several times, for several days.

Marichu Mauro has been in office since April 7, 2018. She was honored by then President Michel Temer , who received her diplomatic credentials. In early October, she received an award from President Jair Bolsonaro. Since January, she has also represented the Philippines with Venezuela as a non-resident ambassador. She is also an ambassador in Guyana, Colombia and Suriname.

“I’m sure that anyone who has given a medal or any honor to her does not know who she really is,” said one of the witnesses to Fantástico.

The battered maid left the country last Wednesday (10/21). She did not record an interview and just said that she was happy to come home.


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