Buod ng Talakayan sa 38th session ng Council of Arab Interior Ministers

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(Unofficial English Translation of Arabic Press Release )

The Council of Arab Interior Ministers concludes its 38th session

The results of the Al-Ula Summit ..

  • The Council expressed its deep satisfaction with the results of the Al-Ula summit.
  • The Council appreciated the wisdom of the leadership of the Kingdom and other leaders of the Cooperation Council and the Arab countries for their keenness on Arab unification. The Council expressed its appreciation for the efforts made by the State of Kuwait in this field.

Yemeni Crisis Initiative …

  • The Council praised the initiative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to resolve the crisis in the Republic of Yemen.
  • The Council urged all parties to accept it as an appropriate way out of the crisis.

Condemnation and denunciation ..

  • The Council condemned and denounced the systematic and deliberate, hostile and destructive terrorist acts of the Houthi Militia against Yemenis and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • And its threat to civilians, vital and civilian installations, and the attempts to target oil installations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The Council condemned the repeated Iranian provocations in the territorial waters of the Arab countries.
  • And Iran’s practices aimed at destabilizing security and stability in many Arab countries.

Solidarity ..

  • The Council expressed its full solidarity with the Kingdom and its full support for it in the face of terrorist practices and attacks.
  • The Council affirmed its absolute support for the measures taken by the Kingdom to preserve the security and safety of its people and the sterile on its soil.
  • And its full support for the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen in confronting the Houthi terrorist militia coup.
  • The Council renewed its firm condemnation to terrorism, regardless of its forms, sources, support, intimidation and promotion.

The Council confirmed ..

  • Its determination to continue combating terrorism, addressing its causes, and mobilizing all efforts and capabilities to eradicate it, and to strengthen Arab and international cooperation.

Appreciation ..

  • For the performance of the security and civil protection agencies in the Arab countries in the face of the emerging Corona virus.


  • Endorsing the creation of a team of Arab experts concerned with the exchange and analysis of information on terrorist threats.
  • Establishing a permanent committee for criminal statistics.
  • Accustomed the report on Naif Arab University for Security Sciences.
  • Discussing the issue of criminalizing the payment of ransoms to terrorists.
  • Reformulation of the Arab strategy in the field of tourism security.
  • Preparing a draft Arab guidebook against torture.


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