The press conference of the official spokesperson of KSA’s Ministry of Health about Coronavirus (May 16, 2021 AD | 04 Shawwal 1442 AH)

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(Unofficial English Translation)

The press conference of the official spokesperson of KSA’s Ministry of Health about Coronavirus

May 16, 2021 AD | 04 Shawwal 1442 AH

  • With the near return of the possibility of travel to the immunized. Those who have any decisions or plans to undertake travel trips must know the epidemiological conditions and the health status of the country to which they want to travel, and the measures taken according to the requirements set by such countries.
  • The curve of epidemiological cases in the Kingdom is passing through a steady stage, and this is something that we follow and monitor, and to return to the descent and lower levels in the curve; We must continue to be positive about taking vaccinations and registering for them, while adhering to preventive measures.
  • The number of doses administered exceeded 11,527,100 doses in vaccine distribution centers in various regions of the Kingdom, and we also confirm those who have reached the vaccination stage; Adherence to preventive matters and adherence to requirements.
  • We know that the next stage will be social events, so we assure you that if we adhere to the health protocols, we will go beyond this period with happy and safe occasions, full of good and beautiful memories.
  •  The results and preliminary data in the Kingdom of the level of protection provided by the vaccine and the prevention of infection are very promising for the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines approved in the Kingdom, and it is consistent with the global data and results.
  • The laboratories approved and licensed to conduct laboratory examinations for those wishing to travel are specific and dedicated laboratories, and they issue electronic certificates for travel purposes, and they must be addressed.

Corona vaccines do not affect the possibility of pregnancy or affect childbearing or artificial insemination, and the information circulated is incorrect and does not have any credibility or approved scientific references. Rather, infection with the virus affects fertility and the ability to conceive. 


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