KSA’s Social Insurance Law (GOSI-OHB) Explained

General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI) Main Office Building. ImageSource:constructionweekonline.com
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GOSI (Government Organization for Social Insurance) – Ang sangay ng gobyerno na nagpapatupad ng  Social Insurance Law  ng KSA.

Ang GOSI ay may dalawang branches:

  1. Annuity Branch – ito ay para sa mga Saudis lamang para sa kanilang pension kung balak na nilang magretiro sa trabaho.
  2.  Occupational Hazard Branch (OHB) – ito ay para naman sa mga manggagawa na naaksidente habang ginagampanan ang kanyang trabaho.

Ang  OHB ay para lang ba sa mga Saudis?

Hindi lang ito para sa mga Saudis, ito ay para sa lahat ng manggagawa maliban sa mga profession na kasama sa exception ng batas.

Ayon sa Chapter II – Article 4.1, The Occupational Hazards Branch shall be compulsorily applied to all workers without any discrimination as to sex, nationality or age.

Ano naman ang mga profession na kasama  sa exception?

Hindi sakop ang mga sumusunod na profession.

Chapter II – Article 5

  1.  Foreign employees working in foreign international or diplomatic or military missions
  2. Workers employed in agricultural, forestry, or pastoral works, and save for these subject to the Labour and Workmen Law and those employed in state bodies and semi-state bodies as well as those employed in private establishments and companies which satisfy the criteria and controls prescribed by the Regulations.
  3. Sea-men including the sea-fishermen, save for those subject to the Labour and Workmen Law, as well as those employed in the marine establishments and companies and fishing companies which satisfy the criteria and controls prescribed by the Regulations.
  4. Domestic servants (housemaids, family drivers, gardeners and other household jobs)
  5. Foreign workers who come to the Kingdom to engage in works which usually take no more than three months to complete, and the Regulations shall prescribe the works intended for the purposes of this provision.

Note: ang mga professsion sa taas ay hindi rin sakop ng Saudi Labor Law (see Article 7)

Sino ang dapat magbabayad ng contributions ng GOSI-OHB na ito?

Ang Employer, ayon sa Chapter IV – ARTICLE (18) ,

  1. The contributions for the Occupational Hazards Branch shall be fixed at 2% (two percent) of the contributory wages of the contributor and shall be payable by the employer. This rate of contribution may be increased to double the amount for employers who refuse to abide by the instructions issued by the competent authorities in regard of the safety and health of workers.

Ano ang Definition ng Occupational Injury?

The injury is considered an occupational injury in any of the following cases:

  1. Accident sustained by the contributor during work or from which it resulted.
  2. Accident sustained by the contributor on his way from his residence to his place of work and vice versa, or while en route from his place of work to the place where he eats his meals or perform his prayers and vice versa.
  3. Accident sustained by the contributor during his movements in order to perform the tasks entrusted to him by the employer.
  4. Any disease sustained by the contributor found to be caused by work.
  5. Any disease sustained by the contributor specified in the table of occupational diseases.

Ano naman ang mga benefits kung may GOSI-OHB?

  1. Medical care:
  2. Cash compensations which include: daily allowances, benefit for total permanent disability, benefit of permanent partial disability, lump sum compensation for permanent disability, expenses of preparing and transporting of body. GOSI bears all the expenses for the transport of the body of the contributor who dies as a result of an employment injury or the deceased recipient of a permanent disability benefit, to his home country

For more details on benefits, click this link

Ano ang mga dapat gagawin kung sakaling magkakaroon ng Occupational Injury ang  isang OFW?

Report an injury – The injured person, or his representative, must notify the employer within seven days after the injury’s occurrence, deterioration or complication takes place or the disease is discovered. The employer, or his representative, must notify GOSI Field Office of the employment injury for which first-aid is insufficient, within three days after he is informed of the injury or takes note of its occurrence. 

Sakop ba ng GOSI-OHB ang mga takas at undocumented?

Hindi sakop ang mga takas at undocumented

Papano kung meron naman silang employer sa kanilang pagtakas?

Hindi sila maaring mapa-enroll ng isang employer na hindi naman nila tunay na sponsor

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