Events: ACFIL’s 3n1 Celebration

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ACFIL’s 3n1 Celebration
by: sallybajadecuballes

On May 12, 2013, Associazione Culturale Filippina del Piemonte (ACFIL) will hold its 3n1 celebration at Sala ATC Corso Dante 14 from 1:30pm onward. It will be a day to commemorate its 17th foundation day and the 10th anniversary of its newsletter ―Ang Tambuli.

Moreover, a tribute to mothers will also be offered to all moms present on the said date since May 12 is Mother‘s Day. Aside from the tokens for moms, there will be a contest ―Mother and Child Got Talent‖ to provide opportunities for mommy and kids to showcase their talents, strengthen relationships and entertain audience. Winners will receive cash prizes and plaque. Everyone is invited to take part and have fun in the 3n1 celebration of ACFIL. For those who are interested to join the contest ―Mother & Child Got Talent‖ please contact Sally Bajade Cuballes @ 3202979964.

Mother & Child Got Talent MECHANICS:

A. The contest is open to all mothers and children of Turin .
B. It will be a mother and a child/children(in case of twins) performance. Child‘s age 2 to 40 year old.
C. An allotted time of 3 minutes minimum and a maximum of 5 minutes presentation per contestant is permitted.
D. Preparation for presentation is included in the time allotted for each contestant. E. No daring costumes and dangerous stunts are allowed.
F. They can showcase any talent. G. For singing talents, they can use magic sinc as accompaniment but official microphone should be utilized.
G. There will be 5 judges and their decision is final.
H. Performers who will not abide with the mechanics provided, shall be disqualified.
I. Contestants are obliged to fill up registration form a month or two weeks before the event.
J. Plaque and trophies will be awarded to winners and non-winners.
K. The mother of the first prize winner will be proclaimed

Mother of the Year 2013 Criteria for ―MOTHER & CHILD GOT TALENT

50% Talent/Performance
25% Originality
10% Creativity of Performance 1
0% Audience Impact
5% Costume/Props
100% TOTAL

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