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By Atty James Lobedica

Certainly everything is not in our wildest dreams. Neither can we see it in our imagination but things are turning out quite far from the expectation of all taxpayers and unfolding in such unprecedented events under the present dispensation of P-NOY. We cannot remain passive and continue to be submissive to the brewing discussion condemning the abusive utilization of the pork barrel.

We herald the breaking of this day of condemnation. To all our countrymen who ignored the slight rain and muddy grounds, to all those who took the city streets and brushed elbows with one another showing an outbreak of national disenchantment and unforgiving outrage, the heat is on.

This is the most convenient platform to expose all the shenanigans and influence-peddling perpetrated by unscrupulous figures whose corrupt practices have cannibalized our public treasury at the expense of Juan dela Cruz.

Truly, nothing is impossible if we hold hands together and join the national bandwagon by letting our public officials know that their abusive days are almost over.

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