Video: 13 OFWs at 15 na ibang lahi, hinuli sa Thailand dahil nag-Birthday Party na bawal sa panahon ng pandemya

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Note: English Translation after the video

April 26, 2021 Chon Buri, Thailand – Administrative officers and more than 50 police officers raided the foreigner’s birthday party. Inside a luxury pool villa at NongPrue Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, a total of 28 perpetrators were arrested, including 11 men, 17 women.

Of those arrested 13 are Filipinos, 6 Russians, 2 French, 3 Thai, 1 British, 1 Canadian, 1 Albanian and 1 Cambodian.

Before the raid, The authorities were notified by people in the neighborhood, which was a village. That there are foreigners holding a birthday party in the pool villa There was a loud noise in alcohol, fearing the risk of a serious epidemic of COVID-19. Intense and fast Therefore notified to the official

When a spy was sent to investigate, it was discovered that a real party was being organized. Therefore, a plan was made before bringing the force to raid and arrest. The party was held in a two-story luxury home with a swimming pool, lights and pool tables for parties. Thus, the officers were divided into two units to conduct the raid at the same time.

The first house was decorated with balloons with an English banner HAPPY BIRTHDAY. There were 13 Filipinos nationality, and 1 Thai person composed of 12 women, 2 men, enjoying drinks and eating. When they saw the officers, they were shocked. Most of them work as language teachers. They arranged a birthday party for a Filipino male friend.

The other house opposite the first Found as a luxury two storey house, the interior is luxuriously decorated with lights, lights, swimming pool, pool table, just like the first one. There were 14 foreigners, including 9 men, 5 women, 6 Russian nationals, 2 French nationals, 1 British national, 1 Canadian nationality, 1 Albanian nationality, 1 Cambodian nationality, and 2 Thai nationality but found no illegal thing at all.

Initially, all of them were detained at the NongPrue Police Station to check the history of 28 people and identify them at risk of spreading the COVID-19. While some people do not know that they are guilty The staff therefore gave an interpreter to explain the language.

Their case would be illegal gathering, engaging in activities, or mingling at any place in a crowded location. Which is a violation of the Civil Service Act in Emergency Situations.

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